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I have secured a job, that's for sure. Now I want a second job. I'm sort of having a bad day. I'm just annoyed at things, a very general statement, I know. Writing's going well. :) I think we have over 50,000 words. Now for that other project... ;0 heehee. Project Runway is pretty neat though. I always want to sew something after I watch it. Maybe it's time to finish that apron.
Still looking for a job, but I'm not down on my game. Oh, no. I'll have a job secured by the end of May. It's my goal. Also, I'm looking forward to Fifth or Nowhere, and maybe the 48 hour(?). I am very glad I watched TrueBlood. Love it.
I was at Coborn's looking to buy some berry flavored sparkling water. After I found the case of delicious fizzy goodness, I took the short line behind a woman who had six gallons of milk in her cart. Supposedly her family had four or five people in it, and they drank that much milk a week. I cringed just thinking about the uber grossness of it all. Don't get me wrong, I don't think milk- drinkers are sinners (nor do I think blood- drinkers are sinners) but it was disgusting. Can you imagine drinking over a gallon of milk in a week by yourself? It creeps me out.
but I'm not.
Not really, but some new editing stuff is on the way! Now Freddy will be reedited. Unless I have problems. If I have anymore problems, I will have a cerebral hemorrhage. Of this much I am sure. I'm kind of bummed that I haven't been watching Lost. I hear it's getting pretty tasty. Tasty like tomatoes! Speaking of, I made this delicious pizza over break. I wish I could make one right now, but I'm in my dorm room. What I need is one of those pizzeria ovens that spin and cook delightful meals before your very eyes! Anyway, this post is not too important, I'm just rambling on.
We have new stuff up in Cstickmakers! I saw Martha commented, but Angela, feel free to add any feedback! I'm watching WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT right now. I love this movie! It would be fun to write a movie set in the studio era of Hollywood. I'm on spring break starting at noon tomorrow!
The party is tentatively scheduled for seven on Saturday! I calls you alls to finalize. I need to make it so we can possibly film earlier that day. So later in the day is better for the party. The moment you all have been waiting for!

For starters, Homemade Hummus with pita chips and cranberry bread will be served

the main course includes Salad with romaine leaves and tomato, fruit salad, and a CALZONE featuring mushrooms, onions, black olives, and green bell pepper.

For desert, a wonderful, fall- colored cookie will be served.

Possibly Wine
decaffeinated beverages such as
cherry 7up
diet coke
reg coke
apple cider
sparkling water
tap water

If there are any requests, let me know! I only planned to have cookies for desert, but we might have ice cream lying around! ps. not soy Ice cream, sorry. pps. Not Icecream Man, either. Sorry.
My party is on the 24th of November! Come to it, I may just post a bulletin on myspace! We'll see. Who would reply? Maybe Crypts of Highgate. Yeah, in my dreams, maybe. So, if I can make it home next weekend, we should film those out- door scenes before it snows. I'll make a post on A Seat Apart's journal about the details! We have to make it work because we're running out of time! A Captain Underpants would say in times of peril, "Tra- la- la!" I wish someone would make a movie about Captain Underpants. Oh, that's right. Someone is my middle name!
Luckily I didn't! It came today. The Freddy Krueger glove is here! Now we have no excuses! We will film on a rampage. Nothing will stop us! Also, on a serious, or not serious note, you decide, I want to have my party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Is that applicable? Friday could work, unless Chandra has to work, which I don't remember, but usually she works on Fridays. So anyway, let me know what you think. Ii just heard someone say, "oh, that's so gay." Oh, that's so yesterday. Get over it, people.
Tonight rocked! I totally want to make a banana pillow for Rachel. No reason really, just that it would be funny. I have choir tomorrow! I must leave early, so I can see people I like. Everyone knows I'm not fond of musicals, but I have an intense urge to get up and dance to the chorus line right now! It's midnight. It is now Halloween! I might take a leisurely stroll tomorrow. I hope I see some awesome costumes. Not sure, but I might be able to throw something together. I'll have to see. Tonight's one of those nights where I don't want to sleep. I just got back from hanging out with Rachel and Chandra. It was good, except we found a disturbing picture of Billy Idol on one of his albums at The Electric Fetus. Remember Yeti the Feti? One time, I watched a movie with Zach and his friends, and there was a mutated bear that looked like a large fetus. A smaller bear fetus was drowning in the river saying, "Help me! Help me!" To this day, I can't remember the title of that remarkable film. Any way, the movie HERO rocks, and I've been obsessing for awhile now. Good night, and good morning at the same time.